Thailand – The South

Hat Laem Thong – the northern bay of Phi Phi

After spending a white christmas in Germany, we came back to Singapore, had a few days rest and headed to Thailand for new year’s eve. It’s our first time visiting this country except Bangkok. We planned to travel from Phuket up to Chiang Mai but 2.5 weeks was not enough for that. I hope to make another trip to Chiang Mai within this year.
Tips and highlights:
I will not forget the New Year’s eve at Kata beach. Lanterns and fireworks were right in front of me. It was pretty loud, though. We stayed at Kata Noi beach, one of the beaches at the very south of Phuket. But if you like partying, I would recommend you to stay at Patong beach cos it is packed with pubs, bars, hotels… like another Majorca.

Phuket town itself got …

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