Not on a boat, but still on the open sea


Experiencing life at Kelong in Palau Sibu, Malaysia

After about half an hour on the speedboat from jetty Tanjong Leman, Johor, Malaysia, a primitive yet picturesque village appeared in the middle of the sea, before my eyes.  Time for snapping photos.

This type of sea village is called a “Kelong”.  Kelong, a Malay word, is an offshore platform built by the fishermen primarily for fishing.  They can be found mainly in Indonesia, Malaysia, and The Philippines.  Fishermen and their families live here.

For the past 10-15 years the area of Palau Sibu has been overfished and I can hardly see any fishermen for mass-fishing around.  Kelong families transformed their places into “sea resorts” attracting mainly anglers.

The price for renting equipment is very reasonable. …

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New Zealand


When we were travelling in Norway a friend of mine said: “It looks so much like New Zealand.” NZ actually reminded me more of Denmark – the empty beaches, sea breeze, little villages. But there are volcanoes, geyser and crater lakes here. We met many nice Kiwis, the people, but no luck to see a single shy Kiwi, the bird, in nature. And I miss those tender and succulent lamb steaks – “well done” really means well done.

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Thailand – The South

Hat Laem Thong – the northern bay of Phi Phi

After spending a white christmas in Germany, we came back to Singapore, had a few days rest and headed to Thailand for new year’s eve. It’s our first time visiting this country except Bangkok. We planned to travel from Phuket up to Chiang Mai but 2.5 weeks was not enough for that. I hope to make another trip to Chiang Mai within this year.
Tips and highlights:
I will not forget the New Year’s eve at Kata beach. Lanterns and fireworks were right in front of me. It was pretty loud, though. We stayed at Kata Noi beach, one of the beaches at the very south of Phuket. But if you like partying, I would recommend you to stay at Patong beach cos it is packed with pubs, bars, hotels… like another Majorca.

Phuket town itself got …

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A week getaway in the beginning of last year. More description can be found in my earlier article here.

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Classic view!

Two years ago a friend of ours told us that Argentina is beautiful and easy to travel everywhere by local buses. This idea was kept in our mind until last year we saw an attractive offer from BA, and so the tickets were bought. Argentina is big and there are many places worth visiting… difficult to decide to go north or south. Finally, we opted for Patagonia – the south. Another 3-week unforgettable journey in November. Some pictures in this album are still taken with my film SLR camera, and that’s the last time I use it.

Buenos Aires
After about 20 hours on the plane, we finally arrived in the capital of Argentina… so lively and warm!

From Bueno Aires we flew directly to Bariloche, the hub …

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Gaudi made this city like no others in the world. If there was something similar somewhere, it would be just an imitation of his works. It was the first trip we made in 2008, just wanted to get away from the cold and depressing Denmark for a while. On the day when we were in Montserrat, we got a call from our parents. It was our anniversary! That we totally forgot.



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